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Staying Ahead of the Game


Professional Advancement

Graduate, seminar “Acupuncture/Classical Chinese Medicine for Modern Women’s Health” by Sharon Weizenbaum, PCOM, 2016
Graduate, seminar “Japanese Acupuncture Strategies” by Kiiko Matsumoto, NJ, 2016
Graduate, seminar “The Complete Course of Tung’s Acupuncture” by Dr. Wei-Chieh Young, Los Angeles, CA, 2015
Graduate, seminar “Balance Method, Advanced Track” by Richard Tan, OMD, Boston, MA, 2014
Graduate, seminar “Balance Method, Core Foundation Track” Richard Tan, OMD, NY, 2014
Graduate, “One-Year course Healing with Gems & Stones” by Jeffrey Yuen, NY, 2013
Graduate, “Complete Pulse Diagnosis Course” by Jeffrey Yuen, NY, 2010
Graduate, “Two-Year course on Advanced Acupuncture” by Jeffrey Yuen, NY, 2008-2010
Graduate, “Advanced Chinese Herbal Medicine” by Jeffrey Yuen NY, 2006-2008
Graduate, “Medical Qi Gong” Qi Gong Master Sat Chuen Hon, NY, Oct 2008 - Nov 2008
Graduate, seminar on “Sun Si Miao and Early Acupuncture” Jeffrey Yuen, 2007
Graduate, “Immune Qi Gong” Qi Gong Master Sat Chuen Hon, NY, Jan 2008-Dec 2008
Preceptorship with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, a traditional Chinese herbalist, 2006-2013
Graduate, Chakra Yoga and Meditation Course, B.N.S. Iyengar, Mysore, India, September 2005- December 2005
Graduate, clinical program in pain management, Xi An Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xi An, China 2000

Graduate and Undergraduate

PhD program in Classical Chinese Medicine, American University of Complimentary Medicine, Beverly Hills, CA September 2008-present 

M.T.O.M., Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York, 1997 

Biology Major, City College of New York 1994 

Graduate, AMMA Therapy, Therapeutic Massage Program, The New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research, Manhasset, New York, 1992 

Graduate, Paramedic Lab Technician Diploma, Kharkiv Medical School, Kharkiv, Ukraine 1988